Tryon's sprawling lands provide the pure open space you need to both stretch your legs and relax your mind. The Indiana countryside provides a slower pace and a daily dialogue with nature.

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Our avian residents greet you in the morning with song. Our evenings are accompanied by the quiet hum of crickets and distant frogs. Interspersed are the occasional sounds of roosters crowing, dogs chatting and kiddos laughing.

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Located only 60-minutes from Chicago and 1-1/2 miles from the beach, Tryon's vast acres are just the start of your escape. An entire region of dunes and harbors, 2-lane backroads, orchards, farms and vineyards lie within a frisbee's throw of the city.

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Tryon country life allows you to let go of the concerns of day-to-day living and refocus on the higher priorities of your life. Connect with family, friends, nature, and self.

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Life is filled with pitchmen promising to solve all your troubles. While finding balance is ultimately up to you, we believe Tryon can't possibly hurt!

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