• Visit + explore the Farm
    Stop in! See for yourself. Chat with the neighbors. Come to an open house or a special event, or set up an appointment.

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  • Pick your spot
    This is the fun part! Work with our sales team to find a homesite that calls your name. Talk preliminary home design and budgets. Fall in love!

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  • Reserve your spot
    Found a homesite you like? Reserve it with a $5k deposit which holds it while you weigh your options:

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  • Buy-&-Hold (Option 1)
    Love a homesite, but not yet ready to build? Take time to dream. Purchase your building site now, and hold until you’re ready.

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  • Buy-&-Build (Option 2)
    Ready to get started? Work with our design team (or bring in your own) to develop design plans. Work with builders to get construction prices.

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  • Sign up + Get going!
    With either option, sign an agreement with us for the purchase of the site real estate. If building now, sign an agreement with the builder for the construction.

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  • Get financing
    Need assistance with financing? Through our partnerships with local lenders, we can help you arrange for construction and permanent financing.

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  • Ask us for help
    Designing and building a home should be fun! We offer professional ‘turn-key’ service options to guide you through all the ins-and-outs. We do this for a living and love it!

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The process starts with your first visit!
Whether you set up a private sales appointment, join us for a special event, or simply come out to walk the land, reserve some time to explore, wander, and wonder!

We fully appreciate that creating a new home is exciting, rewarding, and full of personal choices and discovery. Our team of design and building professionals will guide you through the entire process, from choosing a corner of the Farm to call home, designing the best house for your hat to hang in, and assisting you with financing and the real estate transaction as needed.

'Turn-key' professional services
For those who don't want to go it alone, our team of professional design-build consultants are available to assist you in the process of designing and building your new country escape.

From helping you to define program and budgets through home design, interiors, and the production of permit and construction documents, our design team offers you full architectural services, tailored to Tryon's unique style.

Additionally we offer construction process guidance through our exclusive owner's representation service. We'll walk you hand-in-hand through every step necessary to build the highest quality home for your budget, including recommendation of builder-contractors, guiding you though builder bidding and selection, permitting, and providing general project supervision throughout. We'll be your eyes-and-ears on the ground.

Project budgets
The total cost of building a new construction home at Tryon Farm varies, depending primarily on the overall size of the home and complexity of its design. The price of your new home is a total of three parts:

PART 1 Building site
$75,000 list price

PART 2 Construction costs
$160-190/sf typical Tryon costs per square foot

$75,000 building site unit (part 1)
$260,000 construction costs: 1635 sq.ft. x $160/sf (part 2)
$335,000 total price

PART 3 'Turn-key' professional services (optional)
fees based on percentage of construction costs (part 2)
professional services are not required

2.5% fee - owner's representative service
8.5% fee - architectural service
10.0% fee - combined owner's rep & architectural service

Project timelines
The sales, design and construction process can vary quite a bit depending on specific site and house choices, but generally speaking, buyers should expect the entire process to take 8-12 months. Our state-of-the-art prefab building process promises leaner construction schedules.

We welcome Realtors!
Real estate transactions can be handled by our Sales Team, and/or in association with your own agent or financial/legal representative. Commissions are available at beginning of construction for qualified brokers whose clients build with us or buy a building site. Ask us for details!

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We welcome realtors!

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